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Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranches

Before they started the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch, Pat and Connie O’Connor owned Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts. It was in their restaurant kitchens that “Rocky Mountain Cuisine” was created. Within five years, the venison, caribou, elk and buffalo dishes expertly combined with the very best local ingredients accounted for half the meals served at Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts.

Built in 1997, the ranch lies just southwest of Calgary on 540 acres of lush rolling foothills. Today, they’re building some of finest herds of elk and buffalo in the world as part of the quest to provide the very best for our customers.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch was built to provide high quality elk and buffalo products produced in a natural, humane and sustainable manner. Meeting those goals and long term vision requires patience and commitment. With direct communication from the Ranch to the end market, dedication of resources, expertise and passion, they truly control the quality of our product from conception to consumer.

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Naturally Raised Alberta Beef

Paul and Coleen Froehler have been raising cattle on the family farm in Strome, Alberta for more than 40 years. Being unhappy with the product coming from conventional beef ranches, they invested in Galloway and Highland breed cattle, converted their operations to produce naturally raised beef, and began the Canadian Celtic Cattle Company in 1998. In 2004 they were one of the founding partners in Second To None Meats.

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Broek Pork Acres

Allan and Joanne Vanden Broek both come from a farming background in the Lethbridge area. They started out with a small grain farm in 1994, and in 2000 added a small high health hog operation. In the spring of 2005 they made the switch to a Pasture Pork operation. The expansion continued in 2009 when they added their own provincially inspected production facilities at the farm, giving them a hands on approach through the entire process from pasture to the plate. The hogs are raised on pasture in the fresh air and sunshine without antibiotics, growth stimulants, or any animal by-products. And it’s all in house at the family farm in Coalhurst, Alberta. With the help of their nine children, they grow their own grain and hay for feed, raise their own hogs, process the meat and market their own products. Their dedication to quality results in a superior and healthy product for our customers.

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Ewe-Nique Farms

Bert and Caroline Vande Bruinhorst started both their family and hobby at around the same time twenty-six years ago. With a baby boy and flock of 40 ewes, they began Ewe-nique Farms in Picture Butte, Alberta. Over the years the flock has grown to 350 ewes and eleven children, facilitating a move to the new pasture in Champion.
This is truly a family operation with the children helping to raise and market their lamb. All their lambs are free range with access to clean water out on a lush pasture all summer and when weather permits in the winter. Lambs are raised without artificial growth hormones or animal by-products feeds, and are finished on a natural grain and hay ration.

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Maple Hill Farms

The Regehr family has been involved in the poultry industry for over thirty years. Several years ago, Blaine became interested in raising chickens naturally, creating Maple Hill Farms in the community of Mt. Lehman in BC’s central Fraser Valley. Their efforts for a top quality product begins with ensuring a humane, healthy lifestyle for the chickens. The chickens are raised medication free, with plenty of natural light and room to grow and move freely. They are fed grain and vegetable based rations which are non-medicated and contain no animal by-products.
Maple Hill’s Free Range Eggs and Certified Organic Eggs are produced by hens that are completely cage free, roaming freely outside during daylight hours. The eggs are collected manually before being graded in a small family operated government inspected facility.

Maple Hill Farms is committed to upholding the healthy, stress free environment created for the chickens, and continuing to provide our customers with the excellent quality they’ve come to expect.

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Pascal’s Patisserie

Lison & Pascal make amazing pastries that you take home frozen, let rise, and bake yourself for fresh french pastry at home! We have 3 varieties available: Cinnamon Buns, Pain au Chocolat, and the classic Croissant!

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